Standards And Leadership


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With our 90-year history of service, we have seen a lot of changes. We have always believed that we should lead where we can, and follow when it means that our service and quality of product will improve.

As the originator and one of the founding members of the Independent Carton Group, early on we saw the need to join with other manufacturers, so that we could collectively protect the interests of our clients and ensure that their products were delivered when they needed them.

We stringently adhere to industry quality standards, and we are proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Our commitment to sustainable business practices continues to grow and evolve, like many companies. You can read more about our Environmental Stewardship program here. Reducing waste through better design is important to us too, and our design team is ready to help customers explore ways to improve their packaging and reduce excess waster.

Finally, we are an approved vendor for GMI – TPP (Graphic Measures International/Target Packaging Program) and an Authorized Disney Supplier.