Dee Paper Box Company


Your Source For Folding Carton Solutions

90 Years of Excellence In Customer Service

“A 10. Dee has never been late on a delivery…They are the only supplier that would merit a 10”

— Operations Manager, Collectibles Company

Founded in 1919, Dee Paper Box Company has a proven record of customer service and a rich history of knowledge and experience in paper products and packaging. Since the 1950’s, we’ve concentrated our services and expertise on folding cartons, serving customers in the Food, Confectionary, Health and Beauty industries, among many other specialized market segments such as Pet Supplies, Office Products, Collectables, Games, Automotive Parts, and more.

Dee Paper Box Company is your partner for innovative design and high-quality, reliable printing and manufacturing of paperboard cartons for any application.

Call us when:

  • you are launching a new product and want your packaging to stand out from the competition,
  • you want to improve the quality and consistency of your carton production
  • you want to redesign your box for less waste and greater sustainability
  • you are having problems with box quality and performance during production
  • you want better customer service